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Playa Junquillal


This is a consistently good restaurant run by a Swiss brother and sister duo (Alice and Bernie) located just 30 meters East of our house – go through our backyard along the right side of the bodega, pass under the arch in our hibiscus hedge, and walk up the hill to the neighboring hotel. It specializes in a wide assortment of Swiss and local fare. Consider the nightly fish, meat, or pasta specials. During the day, the rancho style bar/restaurant has panoramic ocean views, the ambience is inviting, and you can shop at the gift shop while you are there. They are open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Tel: 2-658-8431

Tatankas Pizzeria

Tatanka’s restaurant and pizzeria is located 20 meters just to the South of Casa Juliana, with its entrance on the main road just to the left of the road to Casa Juliana. It offers Italian style meals and excellent thin-crusted pizzas from a wood-fired oven.  Try the quarto-queso pizza! It is open most nights during the high season and on weekend nights during the low season. If you cant smell the smoke wafting towards the house, then check ahead to make sure it’s open.

Tel: 2-658-8426

Amigos Bar & Grill

This restaurant run by an expatriate from California and his Tica wife is located behind the supermarket in the Tierra Pacifica Shopping Center. It always has good food made from fresh ingredients. This is a nice place to take in some great food and drink and watch a favorite sporting event on TV.  Open Tuesdays thru Thursdays, noon-10 PM.
Tel: 8-315-0547 or 2-658-7227

Mundo Milo Eco Lodge

This bar/restaurant owned and run by a Dutch couple serves international food in an open-air rancho –style setting.  Every Tuesday is Sushi night (excellent) and every Saturday is dancing to salsa and merengue. From our driveway, make a right turn on the main road, go approximately 500 meters and make a right at the sign for Mundo Milo.  The restaurant is 100 meters up a small hill on the right side.

Tel: 2-658-7010


This is the newest restaurant to open in Playa Junquillal and it has been an excellent addition to the local dining options.  The meals are moderately priced and consist of traditional Costa Rican fare with an Asian accent. The fresh fish meals and daily specials are outstanding. It is located on the main dirt road in town between Casa Juliana and Tierras Pacifica on the right side of the road heading toward the restaurant.

Surf Café

This is an informal option for breakfast or lunch located in the Tierras Pacifica commercial space just west of the entrance to the gated community. It is open from 7am until 4pm.

Cocina De Sibyl Local

Sibyl Altenkirch offers cooking lessons in her magnificent kitchen overlooking Playa Blanca. The cost of lessons start from $50 for one person (add $10 for each additional person). You can also arrange catered meals at her residence by calling her well in advance.
(506) 2 658 9010 or 2-658-8228

Hire a Local Private Chef

Consider hiring a professionally trained chef to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the house or to have select dishes prepared in advance and delivered to the house. Their repertoire ranges from local Costa Rican dishes to exquisite continental cuisine. Our guests have used PasCam Chefs in the past with rave reviews.  Please visit their website for a complete description of their services and the costs.

Other Area Restaurants

Villa de Deevena

This small B&B and restaurant is located in Los Pargos, about a 10 minute drive from Casa Juliana. The expatriate chef prepares primarily French cuisine, with a focus on procuring local, fresh ingredients.  The wine list is fairly extensive. The restaurant provides an excellent fine dining experience and has an exquisite ambiance. If you are a foodie, you will not be disappointed! This is the place to go for a special dining experience. Expect prices of $50-100 per person. Recommend calling for reservations, especially during high season, weekends, and holidays.
Tel: 2-653-2328

Lola’s (Closes at 5pm)

Lola’s is an awesome restaurant/bar located on the beach in Playa Avellanas. It serves snacks, lunch, and drinks of all types, closing by sunset (530-6 PM) every day. This is a great spot to spend a beautiful sunny day on a picturesque beach — surfing, boogie boarding, sun bathing, and people-watching. The surf is somewhat tamer here, which is good for swimmers of all levels. The restaurant gets its name from its pig mascot that lives on site. The restaurant is a 15-minute drive from Casa Juliana, located in Avellanas, one town North of Playa Negra.
506 2652 9097

The Hotel Playa Negra

This hotel and restaurant is frequented by surfers from around the world who come for the world-renowned break. The rancho style restaurant/bar serves local and international cuisine. It is open from 7am until 9pm daily.  Go through Paraiso toward Los Pargos. In the middle of town, make a left and drive toward the beachfront destination.
2653-4389 or 2652-9134

Cafe Playa Negra

This restaurant with a Peruvian owner specializes in Peruvian and local Costa Rican cuisine. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves high quality food at reasonable prices in a welcoming ambiance. It is located in Playa Negra on the right side of the road just before the turn off for the Hotel Playa Negra.!home/mainPage

Las Tuquitas

This family-run roadside restaurant serves excellent traditional Cost Rican fare. It is located on the road to Santa Cruz, between the towns of Paraiso and Rio Seco. The setting is very basic, but if you want to experience authentic Costa Rican food this is the place!  The pollo frito and patacones con frijoles are awesome!

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a local restaurant known for their “hamburgers as big as your head with all the ketchup you can eat”. Located outside Playa Negra.

Bar Latino, Paraiso

This is another restaurant with authentic Costa Rican dishes, such as casado, arroz con pollo, and fresh whole snapper. The quality is excellent and prices are very reasonable. It is located on the left hand side of the road between Paraiso, approximately 1 kilometer in the direction Los Pargos on the left side of the road at an intersection.

Food & Groceries

Mini Super, Playa Junquillal

This is a full service, albeit small, supermarket located one kilometer from Casa Juliana in the Tierra Pacifica commercial plaza. You can get almost everything that you need here, without having to trek to Santa Cruz or Tamarindo. They carry breads from the “German Bakery” and have a small to moderate selection of beer, wine, and other liquors.

Automercado, Tamarindo

This is a large, full-service, US-style supermarket that carries a broad range of foods and alcohol. Prices are higher, but in general the quality and availability are excellent. It is located on the main road heading into Tamarindo, on the left side of the road.

Cayman, Kion, & Pali, Santa Cruz

These are all moderately sized supermarkets located on the main streets in Santa Cruz. They all have a wider variety than the local mini-super, but far less variety than the Automercado in Tamarindo.

Fresh Fish: Playa Junquillal & Marbella

There is a fish cooperative in the town of Marbella, approximately 35 minutes South of Playa Junquillal. There is also a local fish vendor, Juan Carlos, who will come to the house with his delivery truck to sell fresh fish, shellfish, and chicken. Please arrange these visits with our property manager, Georgina.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables: Santa Cruz

Every Saturday morning there is a large open-air market in the center of Santa Cruz, with a wide variety of local fruits, vegetables, and root crops. This is worth visiting even without buying any food. Arrive early for the best selection and highest quality merchandise.

German Bakery: Liberia

This bakery makes a variety of fresh breads, pastries, and deserts. It is located on the main road, left-hand side, just South of the Liberia airport. Consider stopping there for lunch and to buy bread on your arrival to Costa Rica. Remember, Costa Rica is not known for its bread making.